Copley Librarians Take Over Chicago!

Chicago skyline

Copley Library was represented by six librarians this year at the American Library Association Annual Conference in Chicago in June. We’re especially proud of two of them, Li Fu and Lorelei Sterling, for giving a presentation at this international meeting of librarians and library professionals.

Li and Lorelei shared the leadership role our library, and in particular the Access & Outreach Services Department, has played on USD’s Changemaker Hub campus, using the metaphor of a road trip.  They highlighted new services, such as copyright workshops for faculty, the Amazing Race workshop as an aid in training student workers, cultural exchange events with student organizations, and more, as light poles guiding the journey, and Access & Outreach Services staff members as the tour guides and drivers. The “summit of success” at the end of this road trip, is that student workers are motivated, staff is empowered, patrons are engaged, and new services are being created.

The best part of the presentation is that Li and Lorelei were able to showcase the great things happening in Copley Library, and the leadership role our library has taken on campus, and were able to provide a model for other libraries looking to be a force of change.


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