Trauma Center – Book Edition

Sometimes books get hurt. The covers get torn, and the pages get creased, and sometimes, even, a book gets read to death. But steady your heart, when books from Copley Library are damaged, we take them down to the book repair station to be patched up so patrons can continue utilizing our resources for longer. Books are brought in for many reasons, but the most common book damage is spinal. When books are pulled from their shelves, many are pulled by the top of their spine, leading to tearing and cracking.

Before Repair

The solution is bookbinding. We replace the existing binding material with a new material that will hold up under years more of use, like a permanent splint. Then the books go back out into the wide world of circulation, sturdy and ready for our patrons.

After Repair

For an inside look at how Copley Library repairs cracked book spines, check out our book repair photos on Flickr: You can find steps to bind a cracked book under “Sets” → “Bookbinding.” Add us as a contact to follow the growing collection of photos and tips on book repair, plus even more Copley-related photo collections to come!

And if you check out one of our books at Copley that needs repairing, just tell someone at the Circulation Desk when you stop by to return your books!


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