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LibGuides – Knowing is Half the Battle

Do you need help researching? Not sure where to start looking for resources?

Go Copley Library

LibGuides are lists of resources compiled by your friendly neighborhood librarian. They’re user-friendly platforms that allow easy browsing of library resources, from databases to videos to books. And best of all, there’s a list for every topic!

Find out more about LibGuides in the links below and get started on your next paper today:


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Copley Librarians busy this fall with professional activities

This fall has been very busy at Copley Library. Yet, many of the librarians have kept busy professionally at local, national, and international events.

Conference Presentations:

Lisa Burgert presented in August,  Liven up LibGuides with Thinglink at the quarterly meeting of Lifelong Information Literacy, University of San Diego, CA.

Lisa Burgert & Alejandra Nann, presented on October  7, Making friends with the library. Conference presentation at the 3rd Annual Conference for the Association of Library Communications and Outreach Professionals, Arcadia University, PA.

Alejandra Nann and Alma Ortega presented on October 18, La Biblioteca Universitaria en la Universidad de San Diego: Servicios y Colaboraciones at the 8th Annual ABIBAC Conference in Mexicali, BC, Mexico.

Li  Fu presented on November 1, Changemaking in Access & Outreach @ USD at Brick & Click: An Academic Library Symposium in Maryville, MO.

Lisa Burgert & Lorelei Sterling presented on November 4, Creating a cacophony in the classroom at California Library Association Annual Conference, Long Beach, CA.

Li Fu, presented on  November 7, Selling the Library from Access Services Desk at the Access Services Conference in Atlanta, GA.

Alejandra Nann &  Laura Turner presented on November 7,”Venturing from the back room: do technical services librarians have a role in information literacy?” at the Charleston Conference in Charleston, SC.

Exhibits, Round Tables, Panel Discussions, and Poster Sessions:

Diane Maher contributed to the online exhibit: Treasures of the Catholic Research Resources Alliance (CRRA)—Women Religious and was a member of the  exhibit’s Ad Hoc Advisory Board.

Julia Hess had a poster session on October 23, Saving Time with MarcEdit  at the Southern California Innovative Users Group Meeting Pomona, CA.

Laura Turner participated in a panel discussion on October 23, Weeding/Collection De-Selection at the Southern California Innovative Users Group Meeting Pomona, CA.

Kelly Riddle led a session on October 25, Perception of Librarians in the Academy and Its Effect on the Ability to Promote Open Access at the Open Access Un/Conference in San Jose, CA.

Here’s hoping the spring semester will be just as busy!

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Have you ever seen the Blue Nun on campus?

Have you ever seen ghosts at USD? Did you hear any weird noise while studying? USD has had quite a few rumors circulate about ghosts on campus. Most specifically, there have been sightings of the Blue Nun in various parts of the campus, including the balcony of the Mother Hill Reading Room in Copley Library and the Camino Dorm Recreation Room. Surprisingly enough, nobody has ever seen her in the creepy Camino Stacks. If you have any ghost stories, post them in our comments section. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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