Happy Birthday, World Wide Web


Did you know that the most popular portion of the Internet, the World Wide Web, is 25 years old? Tim Berners-Lee invented the WWW in March 1989, and how we create and share information was changed forever. http://www.webat25.org/

Before the Web, libraries and research were very different. We looked up books in card catalogs, and looked for journal articles in print indexes and abstracts. We shared information with our colleagues by sharing the paper or disks that stored the information. We read print books and sent letters through the mail. It was slow going!

Thanks to the invention of the Web, we can search for books and media in Copley’s online catalog http://www.sandiego.edu/library/find/catalog.php We can search for journal articles, book reviews, essays, primary sources, and so much more, in our online databases http://www.sandiego.edu/library/find/databases/ Copley Library can share its Special Collections with you virtually http://tinyurl.com/lolfv48 You can learn just about anything and share it with your friends in just a few keystrokes.

But what was information like before the Web? Before paper? Check out this History of Information site, which brings together the entire history of information from 2,500,000BCE to the present day www.historyofinformation.com

Now celebrate the World Wide Web and the wealth of information at your fingertips and share the things you learn with us!

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