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DIS participants enjoying the Wine and Cheese reception hosted by Copley Library in the Garden by the Sea of the Kroc Building at USD.

On April 9, 2014, Copley Library hosted the first Digital Initiatives Symposium (DIS) at USD. The symposium keynote speakers were Lorraine Haricombe, Dean of the University of Kansas Libraries and Lee Van Orsdel, Dean of University Libraries at Grand Valley State University. There were also presenters from institutions throughout California and the United States.

The day featured presentations on institutional repositories, data management, undergraduate research, and other cutting-edge digital initiatives in libraries, museums, and other cultural memory institutions.

The DIS was very successful. Participants were excited to have the symposium near them discussing the very timely topic of digital initiatives. The work for a second DIS will surely get underway given the positive feedback!


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Can I Copy this Image without Permission: A Picture of ‘Fair Use’

On the one year anniversary of Copley Library’s blog, we have a special guest blogger.  Christopher Marcum is the Reserves/Reference Assistant at Copley Library. He has put together a short dialogue describing copyright law and Fair Use of images in a real life situation.

It was a quiet day at the Reference Desk and I found myself pondering the nature of consequentialist theory as it applies to the ethics of librarianship. Just as I came to the conclusion that the greater good would definitely be served if the library invested in a giant television exclusively for watching college football, I was distracted by a surprisingly challenging copyright question:

“Hey library guy, do I need to ask permission to copy and paste this picture I found online into this personal document I have?” He added, “No one is ever going to read it, dude.” I replied carefully, “Hmmm…it seems rather harmless if no one is ever going to see it, but let’s think this through.”

Now, I was ready for this question because as the Reserves and Reference Assistant at Copley Library, I frequently conduct what is called a fair use analysis to determine if the copyrighted content we want to post to electronic reserves constitutes a Fair Use in accordance with the U.S. Copyright Act.

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