Archives and Special Collections Department

Copley Library’s University Archives and Special Collections Department is pleased to announce major improvements to our digitization workspace.  With the acquisition of new software and hardware we are better able to digitally preserve and make accessible of the University’s collection of rare books, one of a kind objects, and University-related materials like yearbooks, newspapers and commencement programs.

Image(Front and back, Program for the first co-ed graduation at USD, 11X17 inches)

The newly acquired Epson Expression 11000XL will allow staff and student workers to scan large format postcards, and other flat 2-dimensional material, in sizes up to 12 X 17 inches. Additionally it will scan slides, film strips and transparencies.  Scanning these materials to create digital copies is an important way to help guarantee the survival of these objects.  If any damage were to happen to the original artifact, such as fading due to exposure to light or brittleness due to age, we will have a digital copy that captures the object’s condition before the damage was done.  Also, cataloging and uploaded these digital copies into the University’s Digital Repository will allow convenient 24-hour access to this material.   


The department also acquired the Adobe Light Room and Photoshop CC package which allows the staff to crop, straighten and clean up our extensive collection of hundred year old postcards beautifully and with fewer steps than our previous software.  Featured, is a before and after of a large-format Berlin postcard from 1902.  The object is creased and ripped, but by using our new software, we were able to “repair” the image and make it look as though it had not aged.



The next exciting addition to the department will be the Bookeye4 V2 tabletop scanner.  This machine will allow staff to scan rare books, yearbooks and other material that is too delicate to be scanned with a flatbed scanner.  With the digitization of these materials, students and scholars will have unfettered access for the first time to rare books and unique artifacts, without the constraints of office hours and staff availability.




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