Summer Wine Exhibit in Copley Library

Check out Copley's wine resources!

Check out Copley’s wine resources!

Are you an oenophile?  San Diego is a great place to be one! Copley Library is currently showcasing its resources on wine – from wine history to wine tasting and everything in between –in honor of USD’s annual Wine Classic.  This wine tasting event featured twenty wineries in California that have connections to the university through alumni. This fun weekend event benefited the USD Alumni Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Stop by the library’s exhibit to see the De Long Wine Map of California!  Want to read an early perspective on California’s wine history?  Check out renowned food critic Mary Frances Kennedy Fisher’s The Story of Wine in California.   If you want to start with foundational information on wine and winemaking, try Inventing Wine by Paul Lukacs.

Is wine appreciation an aesthetic practice?  Explore philosophical possibilities in Burnham and Skilleås’ The Aesthetics of Wine.  For sheer pleasure of learning the art of wine tasting, try The Guide to Wine Tasting and Technology by V. K. Sharma.

Come see our wineries of California map!

Come see our wineries of California map!

If you just want to have a little fun with wine-related fiction, Peter Mayle tells a suspenseful story of inheriting a vineyard in France in his novel, A Good Year.  Or enjoy a real life mystery of wine vintage authenticity in the colorful discussion of a 200-year-old bottle of wine that sold in 1985 for over $150,000 – check out The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace.

 Whatever appeals, make sure you stop by Copley Library to enjoy the exhibit!  Cheers!


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