Power your Research with ProQuest

Copley Library has access to 11 databases through the ProQuest platform.  Some of the databases include the New York Times historical newspapers and current content as well as the LA Times.  Similar to the EBSCOhost platform, all databases within the ProQuest platform are cross-searchable.  Most searches can start with a basic keyword search that is located at the top center of the webpage.  You can narrow down your search by clicking on one of the subject area icons or clicking on “Advanced search.”


If you want to research under a particular database, you must click on databases on the upper left hand corner and specifically choose which database you’re interested in.  You have the option to research under all the databases or a select few.


Another great feature with the ProQuest platform is the ability to create your own research account.  Creating a research account is a great way to save previous searches as well as save any important articles for your research.  You can customize your account to receive search alerts and share some of your research with your classmates and colleagues.



If you have any further questions about the ProQuest database or any other database, please do not hesitate to contact a librarian.  We’re here to help!


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