Start with CQ Researcher

The CQ Electronic Library is made up of various databases including: CQ Researcher, CQ Weekly, Encyclopedia of American Government, Public Affairs Collection, and Supreme Court Collection.  This post highlights CQ Researcher usefulness when getting started on a research topic.  CQ Researcher is a reference database that covers a wide range of issues and is better known for its current and controversial news articles.  The front page of the database gives a brief look at the weekly Featured Report as well as hot topics.

CQ pic 1

You can start your search by clicking on “Browse Topics” and reviewing the kind of information available within that topic, or you can do a simple keyword search on the upper right hand side of the website.

CQ Pic 2

Another useful feature is having a personal profile within the database.  By creating your own profile, you can keep an accurate record of your research: you can mark documents as a “Favorite,” save specific searches, view past documents viewed, and create alerts for topic pages that interest you.

CQ Pic 3

If you need assistance using CQ Researcher or have general research questions, feel free to contact a subject specialist.


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