Feed Your Head! – Local Programs, Global Reading

You see the word community a lot around here. We like to talk about the reading community, the San Diego community, the USD community, but it’s hard to define a community, and it’s even harder to bring one together. One Book One San Diego will be bringing the community together again for the 8th year running right here at USD next week on Wed., 10/15. You can RSVP for free on KPBS.

But not many people know about a program available right here at USD: Just Read!, hosted by our very own Center for Educational Excellence. Just Read!, in its current iteration, has been working since 2012 to unite USD students, faculty, and staff under one common book, and this year’s book might be the best yet. Raj Patel’s Stuffed and Starved was nominated by the USD community for its stellar coverage of a global issue that hits close to home: what’s on our plates. Online, on television, on paper, we are in a zeitgeist of “foodie-ism,” and yet, we’re all familiar with the refrain, “Finish your food! There are folks worse off than you!” In his text, Patel handily confronts this contradiction—that “the hunger of 800 million happens at the same time as another historical first: that they are out-numbered by the one billion people on this planet who are overweight.” It’s a compelling and contemporary issue, and Just Read! is making this issue accessible for all of us at USD. With free events available year round to anyone interested, the Just Read! program is a way for all of us, regardless of the many different things we do, to come together under one thing and share a little feeling of community.

Copies of Stuffed and Starved are available on reserves at the Copley circulation desk. Just mention the title, and we’ll get you started. Still not convinced? Check out our exhibit for Just Read! located near the entrance.

If you can’t wait to join the discussion, events are happening right now! Event information is available on CEE’s site, and the author himself will be here on 11/11 for an engaging talk. If you want to find out more about the Just Read! program, CEE is located in Copley Library at the far end of the main floor.

It’s never too late. Jump in anytime.


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