Social Media Roll Call

Do you know all the ways Copley Library has to get you the latest news, events, and information? Learn about all the interesting things you can find here. Let’s recap!

Facebook! Check Facebook for information on library workshops and events, news on what our librarians are up to, and not least of all, contests! We’ve got some great prizes to hand out this year, so like us and keep us on your news feed.

Twitter! Follow us on Twitter for items of interest and for up to the minute news from the library, including emergency facility updates.

Pinterest! Did you even know Copley has a Pinterest board? You bet we do! Check us out for interesting tidbits from our collections and images from around the library.

Instagram! Flickr! Want to see what we’re up to at Copley? Follow us on Instagram and Flickr for images of what’s going on, who’s doing what, and where it’s all happening.

Last, but not least, you’re here – the blog! Check in often to read more in depth about what we’re up to at Copley Library. And for more about all our social media presence, check out our guide on the Copley Library website.

We’ll see you on the Web!stay connected usd


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