Pardon Our Dust!

Copley Library’s first major construction project in recent memory went underway March 23 and is slated to end this weekend. Although the project is a minor carpet revamp, the new flooring will be a boon for the library. After years of use, our most heavily used carpet areas are being replaced. These areas include the front entryway, the hallway to the Mother Hill Reading Room, and the main stairs leading to the bottom level.

(Before w/ original carpeting)

(Before w/ original carpeting)

During the construction, we have had to close the main entry and instate temporary Access Services desks at different points in the library. However, after a few weeks of noise and rerouted hallways, the end is near. The old carpet has been removed.

(Construction progress in the hallway)

(Construction progress in the hallway)

Wood flooring has been placed and sanded.

(Construction progress on the stairs)

    (Construction progress on the stairs)

Everything has been stained and varnished.

(Construction progress in the main entryway)

(Construction progress in the main entryway)

We thank the staff for maintaining service and minimal disruption during the project, and we also appreciate your patience! Check back here for “After” photos.

We have been covering the construction and posting updates on our Twitter and Instagram, so follow us for more photos and videos of the project!


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