Finals are nearly Final and Summer is Here!

Another productive semester at Copley Library is ending and we thought it would be fun to look back at some of the highlights and offer a few helpful reminders about our summer services.

Our spring semester ended with another two-weeks of 24/7 quiet study. Notwithstanding one extension cord being checked out for the last 93 hours and counting, and one over-worked MacBook Charger falling from the balcony of the Hill Reading Room on Sunday, our silent study period was a big success.


Quiet Study in the Mother Hill Reading Room, 05-10-15

With help from our friends at Associated Students we added more than 20 new headphones to keep your educational videos and classical music playing, and more than 20 new mobile-device chargers to keep your smart phones chirping. And, to keep spirits high we also gave away lots of goodies including soup, granola bars, hot cocoa, candy, note cards, highlighters, pens, and more.

Assorted Snacks from Associated Students

Assorted Snacks from Associated Students

Earlier this month we held our annual Student Employee Appreciation Luncheon to honor our wonderful Copley student workers and for the first time ever the Dean of the University Library presented five deserving student employees with $500 scholarships for the fall of 2015. Winners met all scholarship requirements including maintaining a 3.0 G.P.A. and submitting an erudite answer to the question: “What is your vision for Copley Library five years from now?”

2015.Edward Fisher

Dean Theresa Byrd awards Edward “Teddy” Fisher with a $500 scholarship!


Copley seniors pose with bookplates personalized in their honor.

In April, Copley Library hosted our second annual Digital Initiatives Symposium where over 175 attendees from across the country gathered to discuss a variety of important issues on subjects such as open access and digital archives.

Dean Theresa Byrd

Dean Theresa Byrd, #disymposium2015

And who could forget the first phase of our flooring project; new carpet coming this summer!

(Construction progress in the main entryway)

(Construction progress in the main entryway)

Also, this semester our Library faculty offered more than 20 workshops exclusively for students covering a variety of research related topics. Some of our favorites included: Google Basics: What you Don’t Know, APA the Easy Way, and Beginning Research in Religion.

Hanging around this Summer?

  1. Want to know our summer hours? click here
  2. Need help finding sources to support your summer research? Check out, Ask A Librarian
  3. Want an easy going book to take to the park, or the beach, or the laundromat? Check out our Catalog or use the SanDiego Circuit to get access to nearly every library book in the COUNTY!
  4. Need 1.5 credits this fall? Register for our newly updated seven week Library Science course LIBR 101!

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