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Fight for Your Rights (As an Author)!

As we near the end of the summer, faculty members are thinking about publishing those articles they’ve been working on in between preparing new courses, study abroad trips with students, and the occasional day at the beach. Deciding where to publish an article is often a complex choice: scholars consider the needs of their audience, the peer review process, specialty areas for a particular publisher or journal, and, of course, the reach and potential impact of a particular journal.

Another thing many authors are beginning to consider when looking for a home for their new scholarship is the rights they’re required to give up to publish their articles. After peer review and editing, many publishers require authors to sign a copyright transfer agreement to have their articles appear in journals. The rights that authors must transfer to the journal range from their right to post their own work on a public website to the right to distribute their article to a class. Not only does this make it difficult for authors to use their own scholarship in teaching and further research, it limits others’ access to that research as well. The less researchers can share their work publicly, the less access the public and other researchers have to that work.

In recent years, however, many authors have begun to negotiate with publishers to retain their copyrights. They do this with forms like the SPARC Author Addendum, which modifies the publisher’s contract so that authors retain the rights they want. This might allow them to archive their work in an open online repository, where anyone with an internet connection can access it. Authors benefit by freeing their work from behind journal paywalls and making it more accessible, and disciplines benefit from having easier access to more up-to-date research.

If you’re an author interested in retaining your rights when you publish, you can learn more about how by visiting our subject guide on scholarly communication, or by contacting the Digital Initiatives Librarian.


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Summer Means Busy at Copley

Believe it or not summer is a real busy time at the library! We get many book donations from people all over San Diego County and even other parts of California. Librarians spend time sorting through the donated books deciding what to add to the library’s collection.  Book donations are accepted all year-long.

We hire and train new staff. We have summer casual workers to help us keep the library moving while most our student workers are away for the summer months. We do not only hire students, this summer we will have a staff position filled. We also have at least a couple of campus and community groups do photo shoots or film in the Mother Hill Reading Room. Campus tours for prospective students also happen a lot over the summer.

Librarians and library staff attend lots of events and conferences. Three librarians (Alejandra Nann, Julia Hess, and Kelly Riddle) presented on OERs (open educational resources) at the NASIG Conference, May 27-30, held in Washington DC. We had two librarians at the ATLA Conference in Denver, Colorado held from June 17-2015, Martha Adkins, presented on theology and religious studies citation analysis and Laura Turner presented on becoming a leader in your library.

At least six Copley librarians attended the American Library Association Annual (ALA) Conference in San Francisco from June 25-June 30.

Also, we had a librarian Chris Marcum attend the Social Media Day in San Diego on June 30. And we even have a couple of librarians attending ComicCon in San Diego from July 9-12, 2015.

Still on the horizon, we are looking forward to finalizing the carpet project over the weekend of July 18-19! We apologize in advance as the library will be closed for the whole weekend. We will close on Friday, July 15 at 5pm and open again on Monday, July 20, at 8am. We can’t wait to see the carpet project finalized!

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