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3 Ways Copley Library Can Help You Succeed this Fall


Need some reliable information to support your next research paper? Have a question about how to cite sources? Want to improve your research skills? Copley has you covered and in this post we highlight three ways to make use of all that we have to offer.

Our Librarians


Our Librarians have created more than 80 subject guides to help you start your research project. Better yet, stop by our reference desk and visit with a librarian in person or use our Ask a Librarian Service to chat, email, text or call a librarian; you can also search our Ask a Librarian knowledge base to find answers to frequently asked questions. If you need additional help, email the librarian who specializes in your topic and schedule a face-to-face meeting.

Our Resources and Services


Copley has many resources and services to help you with any projects you are working on. You can start your search in our Online Catalog; this allows you to filter search results to find precisely what you need. If Copley does not own the material you want, we can get it for you. To borrow books we do not have from another San Diego Library, search the Circuit Catalog. To borrow other materials we do not own or to request books not available via Circuit, use our Inter-Library Loan Service. If it is an article you need, start your search with our list of online databases containing scholarly articles and other information resources such as newspapers, indexes and encyclopedias.

Our Workshops


Copley Library is offering many workshops this semester to help you develop your research skills including Extreme Google Scholar, APA the Easy Way and Writing a Lit. Review. In addition to our workshops, Copley is offering a re-vamped 1.5 unit Library 101 course this fall and spring to help you develop the skills you need to refine your research topics, design good search strategies and critically evaluate information resources.


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STEAM Team Summer Academy Visits Copley Library!

STEAM groupThe University of San Diego is hosting its first weeklong STEAM Team Summer Academy for local middle school students from August 10-14 to participate in science, technology, engineering, art and math activities. Seventeen enthusiastic and creative learners from the Academy visited Copley Library on August 11th for a tour of the library and for discussions about internet safety, vetting online resources, and special items in Copley Library, like artists’ books. In addition, the library acquired a small collection of books on inventors of underrepresented populations for the students to use for research this week.

STEAM student with folder The students began their visit with a tour of the library by Reference Librarian Martha Adkins, and they remarked on seeing study areas, computers, and LOTS of books. Once in the library seminar room, the group worked with Reference Librarian Amy Besnoy to review the safest way to use the internet and social media tools, like Facebook. After understanding how to “wear a seatbelt” for safety when traveling on the World Wide Web, the students helped Amy scrutinize examples of reliable vs. untrustworthy websites using an evaluation checklist. One site, Dihydrogen Monoxide’s Research Division homepage, has “.org” in its domain name, but is just a fake site trying to trick people into banning water (H20)!

After sleuthing their way through hoax and real websites, the students examined qualities that make a book an artist’s book with Head of Technical Services Laura STEAM student with artist bookTurner and looked at nine of the artists’ books in Copley Library’s collection. All nine books had elements of concertina, or accordion, binding, a type of binding that is accomplished by folding a sheet of paper. During the session, each student crafted their own concertina artist book for recording information during their Academy week on the inventor of their choice.

Copley would like to thank the STEAM Academy coordinators, USD faculty members Odesma Dalrymple, Perla Myers, and Joi Spencer, for incorporating a trip to the library for the students! STEAM student thanks

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