Bottled & Sold on Display in Copley Library

This year’s USD Just Read! program, sponsored by the Center for Educational Excellence (CEE), selected Peter Gleick’s Bottled & Sold as its focus for discussion. The program aims to encourage literacy and engage conversation on today’s most critical social themes. In this year’s selection, Gleick offers a breakdown of the case 3prevailing “throwaway” behavior of water consumers in the United States. In the context of ongoing drought conditions, water in any form has become a critical commodity for the San Diego area and beyond. Bottled & Sold reveals that the economics of bottled water and pollution from the bottles just adds insult to injury.

Copley Library highlights this title and others that address water issues and environmental concerns in its latest library exhibit. The exhibit includes books like Thirst for Independence, by Dan Walker, which explores the history of San Diego’s water supply. In addition, there are books and resources on the water treatment process Water qualityand the costs of water pollution. Ethical considerations for pursuing environmental action and consumer action plans are also represented in the exhibit by titles like Consuming Choices and Saving the Earth.


Fcase 2or more information about the USD Just Read! book selection and related events, go to the CEE Programs website.

For an interview with the author and  a shortcut to library resources on the topic of a sustainable drinking water solution, see the library’s guide.


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