Strategic Planning is all around us!

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Words like: assessment, future, community, building relationships, environment, 21st Century, service, tactics, goals, process, etc., surround the strategic planning process. After nearly two years, Copley Library has finished its strategic plan for 2016-2020 cycle. The final report is open to suggestions from the university’s own strategic report to be revealed during the summer of 2016. Can’t wait until then to see Copley’s Strategic Plan? No worries, here is a sneak peek at Copley Library’s strategic plan, it focuses on five pillars to build its future stage:

  1. Research and Scholarship: partnering with every USD scholar through the learning, research, and scholarship cycle as each individual engages with information and creates new knowledge
  2. Collections: embracing a hybrid environment of print, audiovisual, and online resources to serve as the university learning centre that attracts, educates, and empowers all USD scholars as leaders in the 21st century
  3. Community: offering USD faculty, students, staff and alumni as well as the wider community a welcoming and collaborative base for intellectual, social, and cultural opportunities and partnerships
  4. Environment: providing a dynamic and thriving physical and virtual environment that contributes to our scholars’ successes and supports the professional growth and development of the library’s faculty and staff
  5. Technology: delivering optimal online access and technology resources for the USD community

From what you have just read, you can tell that the Copley Library Strategic Planning Committee, chaired by Laura Turner, Head of Technical Services, has been busy imagining the library’s future.

Speaking of the university’s strategic plan, it was gratifying to see that as soon as President Harris arrived this fall, he put into motion a plan to evaluate where the university wishes to be in the near future. He quickly formed a campus wide Strategic Planning Committee, which even includes student representation. President Harris is working hard to learn the ins and outs of USD. We wish all of the university’s strategic planning committees’ great success!


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