Happy New Year!


We hope you had a wonderful Christmas / holiday season and have started an amazing new year. 2016 is well underway and Copley Library is full of activity planning for the spring semester. Events such as our first ever official fundraising gathering in February or the Digital Initiatives Symposium to be held in late April are just a few of the things we have planned in the new year.

Here’s a quick update on what is happening around the library:

  • The Workshop Committee, a library-wide committee, is busy preparing the spring semester workshop schedules for students and faculty
  • Access Services – Course Reserves Division has already started receiving professors’ requests to make class materials available whether online or in print (you know hardback books, special book chapters, posters, films, photographs, etc.,)
  • The Technical Services Department is busy with not only ordering but also cataloguing rush orders for professors so they can finalize their spring courses’ syllabi. This in on top of all of their other duties
  • Special Collections is busy with preparations for the third annual 2016 Digital Initiatives Symposium. The symposium has been so well received that it is now a day & half event, April 27-28!
  • Administration is very busy with the coordination of Copley Library’s first ever official Alumni Fundraising event coming soon. It will be held on February 13! Stay tuned for more information. We will post it here and on our other social media platforms as soon as all of the details have been finalized

As you can see even though it is winter break for most at the university, Copley Library is quietly chugging along. If you would like to find out more information about the library check  back soon. We post twice a month!




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