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Library Exhibit En Pointe

Even if you missed USD’s Kyoto Prize Symposium featuring the 2016 Arts and Philosophy Kyoto Prize Laureate, choreographer John Neumeier, you can still catch the exhibit showcasing library materials on Neumeier and all things ballet right inside the entrance of Copley Library. Designed and curated by University Archivist and Special Collections Librarian Diane Maher, the exhibit features books and artifacts on the art and science of ballet. In one exhibit case, a pair of toe shoes rests next to a book open to detailed photographs of different varieties of these complex shoes. In another, books and information on Ballets Russes and dancer Vaslav Nijinsky let visitors bask in the rich and beautiful history of ballet.


You can also learn about choreographer John Neumeier through text and library materials featured in the tall exhibit case that resides in the center of the exhibit. Publicity material for the 2016 Kyoto Prize Symposium describes Neumeier as a groundbreaking choreographer who has “combined the essence of two genres, dramatic ballet and abstract ballet” that is able to “capture the details of human psychology.” You can see this on display in the exhibit’s footage of performances choreographed by Neumeier, which rests next to books such as John Neumeier: Pictures from a Life and Zwanzig Jahre John Neumeier und das Hamburg Ballett 1973 – 1993.

Be sure to check out the exhibit and learn more about John Neumeier at the accompanying library subject guide.


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Copley Library Early Spring Activities

Have you wondered if much happens in an academic library before Spring mid-terms? Copley Library would answer with a resounding “YES”!  Copley has already been partnering with others on campus and showcasing important resources to the university community.

beer 3  For instance, what do books and craft beer have in common? One might suggest that an afternoon spent enjoying one and/or the other is time well-spent.  On February 13, 2016, the University of San Diego supported the value of both pursuits with its first Brew Classic, held at The Brew Project in Hillcrest with owners Beau Schmitt ’08 and Mike Sill ’09.  Hosted by the Alumni Office with proceeds shared with Copley Library, the Saturday afternoon event attracted 175 alumni, friends, faculty, and staff of USD.  Attendees enjoyed a variety of local craft beer, including sweet stouts like Monkey Paw Great Ape Nectar as well as aromatic brews like Rip Current Hazardous Hazelnut Porter.  Dean of the Library Theresa Byrd indicated that the event efforts will continue to be enjoyed by USD alumni, with the proceeds earmarked for alumni access to another library database.

salonLater in the month, in a special event for USD faculty and administrators, Copley hosted its first ever Salon. Following the example of French literary salons from earlier centuries, Copley offered an intellectual experience in the Mother Hill Reading Room on February 23rd, with beautiful music performed by USD student cellists and afternoon refreshments.  Folks from across campus enjoyed informal conversations with colleagues as well as inspiring discussions with Copley librarians, who showcased several key library resources, like ArtSTOR,, and the Center for Research Libraries.  The interest in and success of the Salon ensured that it would be an ongoing event at Copley Library.

Last week, Copley Library hosted its second Game Night in the Mother Hill Reading Room. LanternsA dozen gamers, including students and Copley Library faculty and staff, put their tabletop gaming skills to the test, with games like Settlers of Catan, Ticket to Ride, Apples to Apples, and Copley’s newest game acquisition, Lanterns.


In a final note, Copley Library supports the university’s annual celebration of the Kyoto Prize Laureate by offering library resources and a library exhibit focused on the specialization of the winner.  This year’s winner, John Neumeier, is a world-leading choreographer and the Director and Chief Choreographer of the Hamburg Ballet.  Samples of the library’s resources on Mr. Neumeier, including books and DVDs, as well as other ballet material in the collection are on display in the exhibit area on the Copley main level.  The library also provides a link to online resources about the Kyoto Laureate Symposium and its winners.

So, is the library a dynamic place throughout the year? You bet!  Come on in and join the fun!

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Copley Library in the Local Community

Just a five-minute drive from the University of San Diego sits the Bayside Community Center, a Linda Vista organization that has been working to empower the neighborhood’s residents since 1932. Last year, Bayside developed an initiative, Cooperative Leadership Academy (CLA), to provide training for women who are involved in the Linda Vista community and who want to further their education. The University of San Diego partnered with Bayside to offer free courses to members of CLA, including classes on leadership and sociology.

Copley Library recently joined USD’s involvement with Bayside after getting a chance to tour the facility and to learn more about the Center’s mission and programs. Copley staff and faculty also got a chance to hear from Nadia Arambula, a Bayside representative and member of CLA. Nadia, no longer a stranger to the USD campus thanks to CLA, described the intimidation she used to feel passing by. The campus and all it stood for seemed completely out of her reach, but she still felt a growing desire to step foot in a classroom and especially in the library. CLA helped her and the rest of the women in the program achieve that opportunity. On February 18, they made their first official visit to Copley. There was a grand tour and orientation, including lunch, and 2 mini-workshops presented by librarians Alejandra Nann and Laura Turner.

Heeding Bayside’s mission of enrichment and empowerment, the short lessons centered on professional and scholarly resources. Alejandra’s workshop focused on the usefulness of social media platforms as professional tools, particularly LinkedIn and blogs, while Laura’s workshop demonstrated how to use Google Scholar to search for resources in Copley Library and beyond. To top off their visit, each member of CLA received a library card that allows them to check out up to 5 books at a time from Copley Library. At their departure, the mood on all sides was enthusiastic and appreciative, and Copley is already looking forward to future visits from Bayside and CLA.

For more information about USD’s partnership with the Bayside Community Center, please visit:

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