Here’s to Three Years!


We can’t quite believe it, but it’s been three years and running for Copley Library’s blog! This past year has been an especially successful one for Copley, filled with numerous firsts and continuing improvement. Looking back on this Wayback Wednesday, some of our best moments included:

  • Awarding our first Student Assistant Scholarships. Five exceptional students from Copley Library’s work study program were each presented with a $500 scholarship that will now be awarded annually thanks to a generous endowment from the Roy and Marian Holleman Foundation. We look forward to establishing a tradition of investing in our student assistants.
  • Another successful Digital Initiatives Symposium. Over 175 people attended, and this year’s Symposium has been expanded into two days to accommodate the growing interest. It’ll be difficult to top last year’s ambitious schedule, but we like a challenge.
  • Field trip visits to Copley Library from various organizations and institutes, including the STEAM Team Summer Academy (a weeklong educational camp for 7th and 8th graders hosted by USD), UABC Mexicali Library (a collegiate visit from fellow colleagues interested in scholarly border exchange), Bayside Community Center Cooperative Leadership Academy (a program devoted to empowering women in the community through education) and Bayside Community Center Youth Resident Leadership Academy (an inaugural program that aims to develop practical tools and knowledge in high school youths).
  • Our first ever Tabletop Game Night and our second ever Tabletop Game Night. Copley provided games, refreshments, and a spin on its usual academic space. Students were encouraged to unwind and enjoy an evening of diversions and, if so inclined, fierce competition. We hope to put on more such events in upcoming semesters.
  • Hosting a Copley Library Salon. In the style of French literary salons, Copley invited USD faculty to an afternoon of intellectual engagement. Due to its popularity, the library is looking into the possibility of hosting more in the future.
  • As always, various workshops for students, staff, and faculty that endeavor to highlight our resources and enlighten confusing academic topics. As part of this year’s Research Week, Kelly Riddle is teaching a workshop Thursday, April 14 at 3:30pm entitled “Fight for your Rights! As an Author.” You can sign up here .

Tune in every other Wednesday for more updates. Like sands through the hourglass, so are the days of our library.


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