Copley Renovations Update- Week 4!


Phase 2 of the project to renovate Copley Library’s heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system (HVAC) began this week with the closing of our lower level. This limits our access to some print books in our collection and as such, you may notice a few books in our online catalog now have a location of “closed stacks” (see example below).


If you need a book with a designation of “closed stacks”, we recommend that you request the book through the San Diego Circuit. If the book you need is unavailable via Circuit, you may wish to request it via our Inter-Library Loan Service.


The main level of Copley Library continues to be impacted by the project and thus access to study space and desktop computers remains limited. Nevertheless, library services continue to be delivered so do not hesitate to visit us onsite for all your library needs or to see our progress live and in person.

To get the latest on our progress, as well as any important updates regarding how services and facilities are being affected from day-to-day, be sure to subscribe to Copley Library’s Construction Guide  and follow us on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to get weekly insights and images documenting our progress.


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