Copley Renovations Update – Week 9

We have all heard variations on the saying “Every transformation gets worse before it gets better” right? To those who have visited the Copley Library this summer, even though we might look like a hot mess right now, construction crews are working hard to complete a massive HVAC and water pipe renovation project. We are enduring the sauna-like heat, so we can have a nice temperate climate in the future. No more pocket zones of hot and cold!

So what is new this week? The front desk has moved (yes again!) to a temporary location around the corner from the usual Access Services desk. Say “Cheese” Matthias!


Downstairs….well downstairs looks a ‘lil creepy! One might even say the things nightmares are made of. That is the hallway leading to the Seminar and Conference rooms…


And here is the seminar room…


We are staying positive here at the Copley Library as construction progress continues!!

To get the latest on our progress, as well as any important updates regarding how services and facilities are being affected from day-to-day, be sure to subscribe to Copley Library’s Construction Guide. Also, don’t forget to follow the library on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.


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