Copley Renovations Update – Week 10

Important announcement: Copley Library’s main floor was closed to patrons temporarily 7/25-7/27 but has been reopened, and services including printing, computer access, and the front desk are once again available. The Mother Rosalie Hill Reading Room remains accessible and unaffected by construction.

We are OPEN.

We are OPEN.

While Copley has remained open and available to patrons throughout the renovation, we understand if the disruption has been a hassle for regular usage. We have a front seat view!

View from the front desk

Looking out from behind the front desk

So we’re here today to offer a few tips that will make it easier to utilize the library’s resources right from the comfort of your own home:

  1. Is there a book you really want? Let us traverse the stacks for you! Just “request it,” and we’ll send you an email when the book is available for pick up from the front desk.
  2. Is there a book you really want, but you can’t find it in our catalog? Request it from Circuit, and again, we’ll send you an email when the book is available for pick up from the front desk.Circuit
  3. The library also offers many online resources. Explore some of our non-print options via our Databases and Journals.

In the meantime, our construction team is hard at work to improve the library for the new semester. And don’t forget to subscribe to Copley Library’s Construction Guide and to follow the library on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for the latest information and updates on the project’s progress.


In action



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