Copley Renovations Update – Week 11

It has been a long and arduous process but things are beginning to look like normal at Copley Library! The Main Floor is slowly being cleaned up, ceiling tiles are being put back in, and most areas are becoming available again for patrons.


Entrance of Copley Library


Ceiling tiles being put back in


Hallway to the Mother Hill Reading Room cleaned up (mostly)

Many of the tables for studying, desktop computers, Light Reading books and Reference books can now be accessed by all patrons. Printing services and laptop/charger check-outs are still available at the Front Desk.


Almost back to normal

The lower level of Copley Library is still currently being worked on and the Copley Stacks (call numbers of A – L) are closed to patrons but the Camino Stacks (books with call numbers of P-Z and all journals) are available. The Mother Hill Reading Room is open and the books in this area (call numbers M, N and TR) are accessible. If you are looking for a book and we cannot get access to it because of the renovations, you can always try to order it through Circuit, and it will be delivered here in a couple of days.

For the latest information and updates on the project’s progress, subscribe to Copley Library’s Construction Guide and follow the library on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook


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