OER, OA, and Copley Library


Ever heard of open educational resources (OER) or open access (OA)? With Open Access Week around the corner, Copley Library has been focusing on educating faculty about OER. What is OER? OER are pedagogical resources that are openly-licensed and freely available to the public. This includes syllabus, journals, media, and open textbooks.

In 2015, the library launched the Copley OER Initiative and in our pilot year, we offered four stipends to faculty members who wanted to replace a textbook in one course with an OER. These four faculty members met with the librarians to discuss myriad ways to access and find high-quality

Open Access (Storefront) by Gideon Burton CC By SA

Open Access (Storefront) by Gideon Burton CC By SA

OER. After receiving feedback and evaluating the pilot year, librarians have continued the initiative into its second year with nine faculty stipend recipients. In addition to these stipends, the library is also offering mini-stipends to faculty who would like to review a suitable open textbook in their subject area.

There are so many ways to learn more about OER. Check out the Copley OER LibGuide here and discover a number of free high-quality educational resources. You can also check out SPARC’s (the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition) website here to learn more about OA and how you can get involved with the movement.


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