Spring is Here and Change is in the Air


The spring semester of 2017 is here and Copley Library has a lot of exciting things planned for the next few months. In this post we highlight three noteworthy changes we are introducing in the month of February.

Mobile Printing: You asked for mobile printing at Copley and we are making it happen this spring! Thanks to our friends in ITS, Copley Library will become the next place on campus to allow you to print from your personal mobile devices. We will implement this in early February so be on the lookout for signs letting you know it is up and ready.

Email Receipts: At Copley Library we are always looking for new ways to be blue and go green and during the week of January 30th, we will replace paper receipts with electronic ones. Beginning February 3rd, instead of printing receipts for patrons that request them, all patrons will receive automated receipts directly to their email after checkout.

ITS Help Desk at Copley: Ever wish there was an ITS Help Desk in the Library? If so, this spring your wish will come true. In February, ITS will implement a pilot program offering Help Desk assistance at Copley Library. Stay tuned for more information on this new initiative including hours of service.

P.S. Welcome back!


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