Where is St. Didacus off to this summer? Or summer’s already started! (or Update #1)

Summer at the University of San Diego is well underway with summer classes having started on June 5, 2017.  To help students be more productive while studying and doing homework at the library, our Library I.T. guy has been replacing most if not all of the computers in the library. You’ll start seeing the new computers over the next few weeks if not already.


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For two summers now, Copley Library has again a major renovation project going on. The main entrance will be renovated  throughout most of the summer months in order to blend into the Colachis Plaza expansion. The new plaza and library entrance project is anticipated to last through mid-August. The entrance to Copley Library has moved. The temporary entrance is located at the back of the library building (by Copley Lawn) until we get a new front entrance sometime in August. Feel free to visit us, we’re still open regular summer hours!

For the summer schedule check out the hours page at: http://www.sandiego.edu/library/about-us/hours.php

We won’t be able to report on the whereabouts of St Didacus until  late August, he’s off to a new adventure. In the meanwhile, do come back every week to get an update on the new Copley Library entrance and the Colachis Plaza expansion!



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