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Spring 2019 Wrap-Up

Finals Week

Final exams start Friday and Copley Library is here to help!

We encourage students to utilize the University’s Finals Week Resources, including stress management and test taking tips, and time management tools.

Copley Library Renovation

If you’ve been in the Library over the last few weeks, you may have noticed some empty shelves and wondered, “What is happening to all the books?”

This summer Copley Library will begin a major renovation as part of the University’s Renaissance PlanWe will be closed to the public for a brief period after finals (Saturday May 25th through Sunday June 2nd) to move our services into the Mother Hill Reading Room.

Rest assured we have taken steps to ensure all patrons have full access to our collection and services for the duration of the renovation, with a few minor changes.

  • Most of the library’s print collection is moving to an off-site storage facility, but can be retrieved as needed. 
  • To request a book from storage simply click the “Request It!” button in our catalog and login with your USDOne credentials. You will receive an email when your item is ready to be picked up from the Access Services Desk.
  • The turnaround time for retrieving off-site materials will be similar to Circuit; typically 24 to 48 hours.
  • Associated Students Textbooks and Course Reserves, Reference materials, DVDs and CDs, and the Light Reading collection will be available onsite during the renovation.
  • The Library will continue to host events and offer workshops with times and locations TBD.
  • The Mother Hill Reading Room will be open for patrons to study; have access to computers, printers, and scanners; pick up and drop off materials; access Reserves, Circuit, and circulating technology (laptops, chargers); and receive Reference help.
  • We will reopen to the public on Monday June 3rd and will maintain our usual hours throughout the year. 
  • The entrance to the Mother Hill Reading Room will be through the CEE entrance in Camino Hall.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Access Services at any time throughout this process. We are available by phone (619-270-4799) or email (


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Ebooks at Copley Library

This week we have a guest blogger, Vanjury “V” Dozier, Copley Library’s Leadership and Education Sciences Librarian, share the latest information on ebooks!

Contrary to erroneous belief, books aren’t going away. Books continue to change forms to meet and expand society’s preferences and needs–from clay tablets & papyrus scrolls to the recognizable paper/hardbacks and ebooks of today. Our University of San Diego community is no different. Copley Library serves a growing community of over 9,000 students, faculty and staff with widely varying coursework and research needs.

Library Journal’s 2018 Academic Student Ebook Experience Survey revealed students’ perceptions and use of ebooks are shifting positively due to a number of factors including better availability, convenience, discoverability of relevant ebooks. “Over half of respondents (52%) reported that they had used more ebooks for research over the past year, while 35% had used about the same amount. Only 13% said they had used fewer ebooks…The increase in ebook usage was fueled by graduate students and 4-year college/university students, particularly those registered in an online class environment.” (Library Journal, 2018, p. 26)

Figure 14. Has the number of ebooks you have used for research changed over the past year?
All respondents, 2017v-chart-2019Copley Library notices this shift as well and continues to provide a treasure trove of resources to support the teaching, research, and service needs of our USD community. Those interested in ebooks should start exploring ProQuest ebook Central Academic Complete, a multi-disciplinary ebook database that house over 130,000 titles. You can read text online, download by chapter/pages, or even download the entire book to your computer, tablet, or phone! If you need additional help, reach out to your subject liaison.

2018-2019 titles include:

Stay tuned for the next blog all about Final Exams, the summer schedule, and the upcoming library renovation!

The library’s 24 hours period begins this Sunday, May 12, 2019 at noon.  To check all hours you can check here.


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