Antiracist Resources as Actions to Declare Allyship

The University of San Diego has spoken out against racism and discrimination against black Americans. USD is antiracist. At the university library, Copley Library, the librarians are working hard creating resources like this short list of ebooks from our library on Antiracism and the United States that you can access from the comfort of your home. It’s a short list even when including print books and as such the librarians are looking at this as a call to action to improve the library’s collection on the topic of antiracism. Copley Library is working toward strengthening their allyship to all of our black students. Check out these Libguides Racism in Science and the latest entry of the Department of Learning & Teaching Book Club on White Fragility. Do make plans to visit us again in the next few weeks as more resources will be popping up from different disciplines!

Our databases are available for you to explore from home. Access the databases anytime from anywhere and by subject if you prefer. You may prefer start with our research guides. All you need to access the databases from off campus is your USDOne login and password (the same as your email login and password).

In the meanwhile, take a look at the muse’s list of 11 antiracist actions you can take at work today and every day. And this great article with: 31 Resources that Will Help You Become a Better While Ally from defining what allyship is to book recommendations on the topic. We invite you to explore those resources to expand your knowledge or to pass along to those you may feel need a little brush up!

If you are taking summer classes, remember the library is here to help you all year round! If you need anything, always feel free to Ask A Librarian, now available 24/7.

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Upward and Onward: The Mother Hill Reading Room 2020-2021 Renovation

Future library entrance to the Mother Hill Reading Room from Copley Library’s main floor.

Just when we are finishing up the final touches on the library’s renovation, USD has now embarked on the antepenultimate phase of the Renaissance Plan which is ultimately a significant part of the Stride to 2024 Initiative. For those who may not know, in 2024 USD will be turning 75 years-old!

The Mother Hill Reading Room’s renovation project is part of the Founders and Camino Hall renovations and it is expected to be finalized sometime in 2021. The iconic reading room will finally be outfitted with air-conditioning and heating, plus a little facelift while maintaining all of its original charm!

Take a look at these before pictures of the Mother Hill Reading Room and next year (2021) we will be bringing you the after ones:

Stairwell and view of empty reading room

The beautiful ceilings, woodwork, and iron work will be kept.

Left side of the reading room

A bare bones reading room. It’s been completely cleared out and is now awaiting renovation.

Right side of the reading room

We can’t wait for 2021 to come around for so many reasons but a big one would be having the beautiful Mother Hill Reading Room renovated and modernized to accommodate 21st Century technology.

Don’t forget that to stay up to date with everything that’s going on at Copley Library by visiting our page where you can access Copley Connects our twice a year newsletter. Of course remember you can follow us on: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Here’s to a better second half of 2020!

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The building is closed, but we’re here for you!

Copley Library front steps on Tuesday, May 19th, 2020

Spring 2020 Wrap-Up

We would like to congratulate everyone on completing this unprecedented and challenging semester, especially the graduating class of 2020. We’d like to specifically recognize our graduating Student Assistants from Access Services; Amelia Henry, Angelica Ocana, Aoife O’Brien, Christina Callahan, Daisy Romo, Jay Mobisa, Mya Tobin, and Tim Goins. We are so proud of the work you’ve accomplished and hope we get to show you the new library space when you return for Commencement in October 2020. We would also like to thank Copley’s Staff and Librarians for their flexibility, ingenuity, and perseverance which enabled us to provide our patrons with continuous remote access to our many services and resources.

Copley and the Campus Closure

Along with the rest of campus, Copley Library transformed into a remote learning and teaching environment in two weeks’ time. Between March 12th and April 27th, 2020 our Access Services department filled over 180 Document Delivery requests for USD faculty and students; more than 420 interlibrary loan borrowing requests; over 400 interlibrary loan requests for other institutions; and added 190 items to our e-reserves which were viewed over 1100 times. The Technical Services department ordered and delivered quadruple its typical e-book orders for one month; and filled 127 streaming media requests for course reserves and remote instruction. Our Reference and Instruction Librarians answered 598 individual faculty and student questions; conducted 128 student and 81 faculty consultations; and hosted 19 instruction sessions and workshops.

Looking Forward to Fall 2020

We don’t know what the future holds, but we are working towards reopening the library safely, and supporting USD’s students and faculty for a successful Fall 2020 semester. As we mentioned last week, the library renovation is complete save for a few finishing touches. We can’t wait to safely share the new space with all of you. In the meantime, we are preparing for all contingencies of a hybrid learning environment. Students and faculty should expect the same level of service and materials access whether they’re working from home or are attending classes on campus.

Books return from our offsite storage facility and are sorted onto trucks before being shelved.
Our Camino Stacks are nearly full again!

Keep an eye on our website and social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) for up-to date information. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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The Library’s Renovation is 99.9% Done!

Corridor toward the Mother Hill Reading Room on the Main floor (2nd Level)

We at Copley Library are ecstatic to share that the library renovation has reached completion! The renovation project is in its the final last touch stages. New furniture is still being delivered and the book collection is now being moved back over the next 5 to 6 weeks. Take a peak at the beautiful new space for you to come study and hang out once COVID-19 is under control and we are no longer shelter-in-place:

Study Room on the Main Floor (2nd Level)
Lower Level Restroom (1st Level)
New Furniture Lower Level (1st Floor)
Lower level
Main floor Reading Room
Main Floor Reading Area and Librarian offices along the back wall
Lockers on the Lower Level (First Floor)
Research Assistance Desk on Lower Level (First Floor)
Lower Level Study Room (1st Floor)
Lower Level Staff Work Stations

As you can see it is a totally new workspace for everyone, the library personnel and the USD community!

Remember for the latest visit our library page and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about research resources and the library’s response to COVID-19.

Happy Finals!

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Working Hard?: Ignoring the “work, work, work” Pressure Instead Focus on You

We have lived through epidemics like SARS in 2002/2003 and H1N1 in 2009, but never a pandemic with a new virus, one where no one has immunity. We are learning about the virus as we go along and unfortunately, or fortunately, upending our voracious form of capitalism all around the world. Work ethic loves to rub itself in to those of us who dare not have our work/student lives define us. Let us remember most of us are more than a job or school work and that is perfectly normal.

The COVID-19 pandemic is a game changer. Not only is it bizarre to live and adjust to not being able to go to work or school or go hang out with your family and friends but there are now a myriad of posts about how some people are being SUPER productive and getting everything they couldn’t get done before are now getting done. According to Dr. Aisha Ahmad, a scholar, who has lived through multiple disasters including war, confinement, violent conflict, food shortages and disease outbreaks, most of these people are projecting where they want to be. Some of us will eventually go back to being productive if the shelter-in-place remains long enough. She talks about the three (3) stages (Stage 1: Security, 2: Mental Shift, and 3: Embrace New Normal) we will go through in her piece Why You Should Ignore All That Coronavirus-Inspired Productivity Pressure and leaves it up to you if we wish to follow her advice or not. It’s your life to live as best you can. She also has Twitter thread on how to adapt to a long-term pandemic. Dr. Ahmad takes care to specifically mention that there are stages to what’s happening to us. It’s perfectly OK to not feel like doing anything or doing some things and leaving the rest for later. As humans we first have to secure safety through family, shelter and food and drink. Only after these have been secured can one move on to trying to establish a new routine. The struggle to find toilet paper, isopropyl alcohol, hand sanitizer, and PPE (personal protective equipment) continues in many parts of the country adding to the already high levels of stress from shelter-in-place pronouncements to current demands to open-up businesses even when COVID-19 has yet to flatten in half of the country.

In fact, the high stress lifestyle most of us are living has led to new wave of articles all discussing our mental health. COVID-19 is affecting our mental health and those around us. These mental health issue articles also include technology. Some are touching on the emerging Zoom meeting burnout. A great example of these articles is USD’s SOLES Prof. Zachary Green’s Zoom and Gloom: The Rise of Videoconferencing Onset Depression. D. Green has a whole series of articles that we invite you check out on dealing with this pandemic and maintaining your and your loved ones’ mental sanity. His latest entry talks about emotional comas and how paralyzing these can seem, but we need to first acknowledge that we have gone deaf and numb to then overcome the paralysis. This pandemic will eventually subside in the meantime we need stick together.

For the latest visit our library page and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about research resources and the library’s response to COVID-19.

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We continue to be here for you: Check out our remote resources!

Happy Earth Day 2020! It’s the 50th Anniversary of Earth Day and wow what a world we are living in right now. We’ve made it one more day and scientists worldwide are working hard to find a vaccine to defeat COVID-19!

We at Copley Library hope that you’re are staying well and hanging in there like we are doing. The University of San Diego is working hard to set up the Fall 2020 semester in order to hold classes the format is still being decided. We’re all working hard to keep the university moving in the right direction, which is to provide quality higher education. Copley Library is part of this effort and has the following resources (continuously curated) for you to explore and use while working remotely:

Free Research Resources available during the COVID-19 closures. Here’s the direct link in case the embedded one doesn’t work for you:

There are many Library Services still available to you during this time. You can find them all in the Remote Access Guide :

At the University level these resources can keep you informed as well lift your spirits seeing how USD community members are helping during the COVID-19 pandemic:

USD Coronavirus website (

Toreros Together website (

Stay well and hope to see you soon!

For the latest visit our library page and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more about research resources and COVID-19.

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Renovation Photographs!

The Copley Library renovation is moving forward on schedule! Below are some photographs we received of the progress, as well as a look at the new furniture.


~ New ceiling designs ~

April 2020 renovation photograph of the second floor and new ceiling designs.


~ Views of the second floor ~


~ New seating has been installed on the first floor ~


~ The Copley Library entrance gets a touch-up ~

April 2020 renovation photograph of Copley Library entrance getting new paint.

Visit our library page and follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram for more about the renovation.

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A Lenten season, a Holy Week, and an Easter unlike any others

As we traverse through Holy Week leading up to Easter 2020 remember that besides this being a time to be reflective the library continues to be available to you. The library has electronic resources which you to use to fulfill your assignments and most importantly help you prepare for final projects and examinations. For the most up to date information regarding access visit our COVID-19 guide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has upended everyone’s lives and for this reason Pope Francis decided that Holy Week celebrations should be held without participation from the faithful. This is of course for our own safety. To listen to read the Pope Francis Holy Week Message from April 3, 2020 here.

COVID-19 is a serious threat that has now touched every corner of our planet. For the latest statistics on COVID-19 click here. Remember to pace yourself with the day to day be it for home life, work or school or both.

We at Copley Library wish to share a bit of good news. The building’s renovation has continued without too many hitches. We have reached Punch List status meaning that substantial completion for the renovation project has been achieved! Take a look at how the library now looks:

We are nearing the finish line. Thank you for support during this time.

Everyone at Copley Library wishes you a happy Holy Week and wonderful Easter as well as restful and productive Easter Break.

For more information remember to visit our library page or follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

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Taking Care of Yourself during the Unprecedented COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine

While the world is coming to halt in the western hemisphere, the eastern is yet to go back to business as usual. China has reported new infections, this time these are coming in from abroad and not from Wuhan the world epicenter of COVID-19. And Japan’s cases are on the rise as of the week of March 29, 2020, they still don’t know why. The US government finally accepted we are in a major crisis and will no press businesses to open right after Easter. Needless to say we are living in uncertain times.

As the time we are being asked to shelter-in-place increases (it is now until April 30, 2020) you may feel uncomfortable. We are dealing with an invisible threat that is making young people sick. Fortunately, the research process including its well known to be slow peer-review process is being accelerated as humanity races to find a vaccine for COVID-19. You can search in the library’s Health Sciences databases to learn more about the latest research on this new Coronavirus.

To assist you with handling this ongoing situation besides recommending that you start or continue praying the Holy Rosary or meditating or exercising, there are also other simple things you can do help you cope. Here are some steps everyone can take to help you accept this new reality:

Taking time to answer these questions from Greater Good Magazine daily will do amazing things for you. These questions allow you to slow down and provide a space for you to think. Each questions allows us an opportunity to connect with a part of ourselves or check in on how we relate to others. Many of you may have not been able to slow down to think for yourself because (although you are working from home) you have supervisors who won’t allow you to dwell on the current situation and thus you must keep producing, in some instance,s even more now because you are trapped at home. These questions put things into perspective and allow you to accept what is happening and give you hope for what’s to come. Those feelings of uneasiness that you are feeling or denying could be grief. You are experiencing the loss of your life as it once was and will be never be again. Pandemics we are only recently been told told will only increase in the future, that future apparently is now.

If, however, things get to be too much for you remember that you may receive psychological help online or via telephone. Psychological assistance to help manage what we are feeling and going through right now has shot-up these past few weeks. Free help is available through NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness) national hotline call the NAMI HELPLINE 800-950-6264 Or, In a Crisis? Text NAMI to 741741 and SAMSHA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) National Helpline – 1-800v -662-HELP (4357)). They are available 24/7, 366 days this year.

Many of us are fortunate to work from home and working at home can be hard after all our daily routines were just upended. Here are 5 tips from Psychology Today (there are plenty of resources going as high as 20 tips but these 5 are all you need if you don’t want to stress about too many steps). Some may look familiar:

1. Maintain a Routine – this allows for a sense of normalcy

2. Do Not Use Extra Time to Work – just don’t no matter how tempted you get. Create time boundaries and stick to them. There’s no need to feel guilty we are all experiencing this situation differently

3. Use Video Chat – We are social creatures. Video chat allow for visual and aural connections since COVID-19 has made hugs and kisses potentially deadly

4. Take Breaks – not only to rest your eyes because you are now spending a ton more times on a computer/laptop/tablet/smartphone but to also for your only mental health. You can’t be connected 24/7

5. Move Around – this one is about moving your workspace (easier for laptops) but if you can move your workspace do it or at least do some of your in a different area of your home so you can get into a different head space. This will come in handy now that two more weeks were added to the shelter-in-place!

Remember to stay home to flatten the curve. Follow your local government instructions for shelter-in-place and maintain social distancing when going our for groceries or take out from local restaurants / bakeries. We can only get through this together!

Other resources to read:

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Copley Library's Services Available to You during the COVID-19 Pandemic

Image of Corona virus, COVID-19

We hope you are doing well wherever you may be during these trying times. No one expected this spring semester to become an online and remote access semester. As of March 19, 2020, Copley Library is closed to the public. Nevertheless, we can still assist you remotely through a variety of services such as Interlibrary Loan (ILL), holds pick up and returning checked out materials.

USD community, our library users, rest assured that we do not want to add stress to an already stressful situation, therefore all currently checked out materials (excluding ILL materials) are now due September 15, 2020. For more information on library services during this time be sure to check out the library’s remote services guide.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is were-here-for-you.png

Feel free to reach out to your library liaison for assistance with research and for professors besides research assistance let us know how we can help support your online teaching:

We at the university library wish you health and well-being during this world health crisis. Let us respect shelter-in-place and not let the value of the GNP or corporate greed win over the common good.

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