Library Renovation 2019 Phase I: Preparation for Demolition

After weeks spent moving most of the collections offsite (book, light reading, journals, DVDs, microfilm, reference, etc., etc.) the library has finally received the green light to start demolition! We at the library are very excited to see the project move on so quickly on to Phase II: Demolition! Out with the old and in with the renovated spaces! As many of you may or may not know, the renovated library will boast more study spaces such as study rooms, large and small, to allow for group and individual study, along with two classrooms, a computer lab, and a dedicated faculty reading room.

For those of you wishing to reminisce on what there once was we encourage to visit our older posts here as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

To take a look at the rapid changes that happened in the past few weeks, here’s a selection of pictures:

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Finally, we’d like to share a few pictures of our Renovation kick-off party on July 12, 2019:

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For reference and building hours don’t forget to visit the Copley Library’ hours page:   

We’ll be updating periodically throughout the renovation project. Stay tuned!


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DIS 2019

On April 29th and 30th, Copley Library held the 6th Annual Digital Initiatives Symposium! This was another excellent year of workshops, lightning talks, panel presentations, and the Wine and Cheese Reception.

Workshop attendees chose from topics ranging from digital collections, to Open Educational Resources, to migrating digital repository content, and utilizing the HathiTrust. Additionally, Murtha Baca of the Getty Research Institute and UCLA was back with her Metadata for Digital Projects workshop. The workshops served as an engaging kick-off to a successful symposium.


While rare San Diego rain kept the Wine and Cheese Reception indoors, attendees were able to connect in the KIPJ rotunda.


Virginia Steel of UCLA greeted our nearly 200 Symposium attendees with her opening keynote address. Her discussion of where we are and where we need to go with Open Access was an inspiring beginning for a day of discussion on digital access, preservation, scholarship, and accessibility. Featured speaker, Yasmeen Shorish of James Madison University, expanded the discussion of digital advances to include the people behind implementing these new endeavors. The Lightning Talk session returned this year, featuring five ten-minute presentations on a variety of digital projects and issues.

Dean Byrd provided opening remarks.

The afternoon of concurrent sessions provided thought-provoking discussions including library and museum collaboration; world-wide potential of digital scholarship; use of digital collections in the classroom; and preserving University history by capturing first-generation student voices.

Leslie Chan of the University of Toronto Scarborough concluded the Symposium with his closing keynote. In his talk, Chan encouraged attendees to think critically about who is controlling knowledge infrastructure, how that impacts what is available and who has access to that information.

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Spring 2019 Wrap-Up

Finals Week

Final exams start Friday and Copley Library is here to help!

We encourage students to utilize the University’s Finals Week Resources, including stress management and test taking tips, and time management tools.

Copley Library Renovation

If you’ve been in the Library over the last few weeks, you may have noticed some empty shelves and wondered, “What is happening to all the books?”

This summer Copley Library will begin a major renovation as part of the University’s Renaissance PlanWe will be closed to the public for a brief period after finals (Saturday May 25th through Sunday June 2nd) to move our services into the Mother Hill Reading Room.

Rest assured we have taken steps to ensure all patrons have full access to our collection and services for the duration of the renovation, with a few minor changes.

  • Most of the library’s print collection is moving to an off-site storage facility, but can be retrieved as needed. 
  • To request a book from storage simply click the “Request It!” button in our catalog and login with your USDOne credentials. You will receive an email when your item is ready to be picked up from the Access Services Desk.
  • The turnaround time for retrieving off-site materials will be similar to Circuit; typically 24 to 48 hours.
  • Associated Students Textbooks and Course Reserves, Reference materials, DVDs and CDs, and the Light Reading collection will be available onsite during the renovation.
  • The Library will continue to host events and offer workshops with times and locations TBD.
  • The Mother Hill Reading Room will be open for patrons to study; have access to computers, printers, and scanners; pick up and drop off materials; access Reserves, Circuit, and circulating technology (laptops, chargers); and receive Reference help.
  • We will reopen to the public on Monday June 3rd and will maintain our usual hours throughout the year. 
  • The entrance to the Mother Hill Reading Room will be through the CEE entrance in Camino Hall.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact Access Services at any time throughout this process. We are available by phone (619-270-4799) or email (


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Ebooks at Copley Library

This week we have a guest blogger, Vanjury “V” Dozier, Copley Library’s Leadership and Education Sciences Librarian, share the latest information on ebooks!

Contrary to erroneous belief, books aren’t going away. Books continue to change forms to meet and expand society’s preferences and needs–from clay tablets & papyrus scrolls to the recognizable paper/hardbacks and ebooks of today. Our University of San Diego community is no different. Copley Library serves a growing community of over 9,000 students, faculty and staff with widely varying coursework and research needs.

Library Journal’s 2018 Academic Student Ebook Experience Survey revealed students’ perceptions and use of ebooks are shifting positively due to a number of factors including better availability, convenience, discoverability of relevant ebooks. “Over half of respondents (52%) reported that they had used more ebooks for research over the past year, while 35% had used about the same amount. Only 13% said they had used fewer ebooks…The increase in ebook usage was fueled by graduate students and 4-year college/university students, particularly those registered in an online class environment.” (Library Journal, 2018, p. 26)

Figure 14. Has the number of ebooks you have used for research changed over the past year?
All respondents, 2017v-chart-2019Copley Library notices this shift as well and continues to provide a treasure trove of resources to support the teaching, research, and service needs of our USD community. Those interested in ebooks should start exploring ProQuest ebook Central Academic Complete, a multi-disciplinary ebook database that house over 130,000 titles. You can read text online, download by chapter/pages, or even download the entire book to your computer, tablet, or phone! If you need additional help, reach out to your subject liaison.

2018-2019 titles include:

Stay tuned for the next blog all about Final Exams, the summer schedule, and the upcoming library renovation!

The library’s 24 hours period begins this Sunday, May 12, 2019 at noon.  To check all hours you can check here.


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The 2019 Lenten Season

As we near the end of the 2019 Lenten season, it is important to reflect on the meaning behind this special time of year and how the University of San Diego upholds its Catholic identity through various events. Lent began on March 6, 2019 and ends on Easter Sunday, April 21, 2019. The meaning behind the Lenten sacrifice is more than just giving up trivial things such as chocolate, soda, or coffee. It is about reflecting on the sacrifice and suffering Jesus endured and then comparing it to an individual’s Lenten sacrifice. A small effort can make an impact on someone much like the Lenten sacrifice can add a positive aspect to one’s life including volunteering at a food pantry or daily prayer.

USD offers an annual Lenten Journey where faculty, staff, and students can sign up and be matched with a spiritual guide. This year’s journey theme is “The Heart of the World.” The campus community has an opportunity to use this journey to pray daily and reflect on the reason behind the Lenten journey including sacrifice and fasting.

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Copley Library Spring Salon

Yesterday afternoon, faculty from all areas of study on campus gathered in the Mother Hill Reading Room of Copley Library to celebrate interdisciplinary scholarship on our campus. We met in the late afternoon to mingle to the accompaniment of Angela Yeung, Associate Professor of Music, and members of the USD Chamber Music Ensemble. The program for the event highlighted past and present collaborations between faculty on campus toward projects, courses, scholarship, and research.


Satyan Devadoss, Fletcher Jones Chair and Professor in Mathematics, presented the genesis and development of the Unfolding Humanity project. With the help of a student who was also on the team who built the project, which was featured at the Burning Man Festival in August 2018, Professor Devadoss shared the experiences of collaborating with campus partners and community organizations to solve a problem that bridged mathematics and the humanities. You can read more about the project and see an image here.

Alyson Ma, Chair and Professor of Economics, and Integration Fellow for the Core Curriculum, shared some of the learning outcomes and curricular goals of the Advanced Integration requirement of the core curriculum. Beth O’Shea, Associate Professor of Environmental and Ocean Sciences and Chair of the Core Curriculum Committee, shared similar aspects of the First Year Integration requirement, as well as her own experiences with interdisciplinary collaboration to solve problems associated with contaminated drinking water worldwide.


Finally, Victor Carmona, Assistant Professor of Theology and Religious Studies, reflected on courses he is teaching this semester, one a first-year integration course, and the other an advanced integration course, where he is integrating multiple disciplinary perspectives into assignments and asking students to connect the perspectives of multiple disciplines to a common problem or theory.

Every faculty member who attended this event came away with new ideas for interdisciplinary projects and partnerships, and we look forward to seeing those collaborations in the future.

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The Lenten Season a Time of Renewal

Spring flowers in a meadow


Spring is upon Us!

We just came back from Spring Break a little over a week ago. During the spring break, we celebrated Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. Today is the first day of the spring season and Lent is well underway with many people choosing to give up something for 40 days. What did you give up? The University of San Diego as a Catholic university encourages students to explore their religiosity regardless of their faith. University Mission and Ministry ( is available to all students to talk about faith, theology, and religion besides helping you discuss in-depth questions or doubts that may arise as you embark on a journey of self-discovery during this Lenten season. The library is supportive of Mission and Ministry through its collections. Explore out catalog anytime at 

Request it book fetching service button

Impending Renovation

Feel free to try out or Request it feature in the catalogue. The Request it service will come in handy once the impending library renovation begins. Our staff will gather all of the books for you once ready for pick-up you will be notified via email or as always, you may check your library account.

Starting with our April blog posts, we will begin bringing you information regarding our upcoming library renovation scheduled to launch Summer 2019. This blog will be a source of information much like it was during the renovation of the HVAC system back in the Summer 2016.Construction sign

If you made it this far, thanks for your support and see you in two weeks!

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