Our Friends, Associated Students

The Associated Students Leadership Team is the official representative of the University’s undergraduate students, “who promote opportunities for growth and expression, address student issues, and enrich a diverse, inclusive, and engaged community.”  Associated Students is also a longtime friend and supporter of Copley Library. As finals are only two weeks away, we thought it the perfect time to highlight three significant ways Associated Students supports its student body through Library events and resources.

Finals Week Refreshments:

Copley Library has a 24 hour, 7 day schedule at the end of every semester to support our students’ study needs leading up to and during finals week. During these extended hours Associated Students supplies a cornucopia of food, fruit, and candy to boost students’ energy and morale.


Spring 2018 Finals Week snack display. 

Look for the snack table just inside the Library’s entrance starting Monday, December 10th.

Circulating materials:

Have you ever been in the library and forgot your phone or computer charger? Ever left your calculator for an important test at home? Associated Students has you covered! Students can check out these items, and more from our Access Services Desk. Just last week Associated Students purchased numerous new chargers and headphones to meet student demand. See the full list of items and related borrowing policies here.


Student Assistant Carolina Arellano with Associated Students supplied headphones and iPhone charger in the Mother Hill Reading Room. 

Textbook Reserves:

The newest initiative is the Associated Students Textbook Reserve collection. The collection is comprised of undergraduate textbooks costing $100 or more, for courses with two or more sections. Titles will be added and editions updated on an ongoing basis. To check if your textbook is on reserve, provide the author, title, ISBN, or course name to any Library Assistant at the Access Services Desk. At the time of this writing the collection has over 125 individual titles, and multiple copies of the most used textbooks. During Fall 2018 alone there have been 388 individual students who have checked out textbooks from the collection more than 800 times!


A small selection of the AS Textbook Reserves collection.

For more information on Associated Students and all they do, visit their website: https://www.sandiego.edu/associated-students/. Copley Library’s 24/7 schedule begins at 7am on Monday, December 10th and ends at 9pm on Friday, December 21st.


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Finals ahead! Free Student Resources at Copley Library.

With finals just around the corner, Copley Library is here to guide and support you on your journey to success! Take a minute to review some of the free services Copley has to offer USD students.


When the sun sets and it’s cold outside, come spend some quality time at Copley.

  • Extended Hours: Copley is open 24 hours/day beginning on Monday, December 10th through the last day of final exams (Friday the 21st). No matter how complex your schedule, you will have a warm, quiet place to study waiting for you around the clock. Often there are free snacks for students in the lobby during extended hours!


    Our friendly Librarians are here for you.

  • Free Help: Reference Librarians are here to help with research, answer questions, and guide you to the resources you need no matter where you are. Contact us by phone (619) 260-4765, by text (619) 727-6652, through library chat, or stop by the desk during regular reference hours. You can also make appointments with your dedicated  subject specialist for research consultations.
  • Free Textbook Access: Many of your course textbooks are available in the library for short-term checkout (courtesy of Associated Students). Search for your textbooks by title or professor in the course reserves area of the library website, or in our library catalog. For more information about how to use course reserves you can watch a video, or visit the library reserves page. Electronic reserves are available by logging in to Ares.

Copley is open 24 hours beginning December 10th.

  • Free Technology Checkout: Laptops, smartphone and laptop chargers, extension cords, graphing calculators, and headphones are available for checkout during library hours with your USD ID card. Laptops may even be used outside of the library for up to five hours at a time, but not off campus.   
  • Free Private Group Study Rooms: Group study rooms are available for reservation at no charge. All rooms have whiteboards, desks, and chairs. Some are equipped with technology for laptop presentations and video. Reservations are first come, first served, so book your room in advance online. Dry erase markers are available for checkout at the circulation desk.
  • Games and Prizes! We will be doing some promotions starting on December 10th. Take a break, play some games, release a little tension, and maybe win a prize before finals. Keep an eye on social media channels for details as they arise.
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The many ways to contemplate at USD

USD's Immaculata night time with lit fountain

USD’s Immaculata at night with fountain

You may ask, what is there to contemplate? Yet, we are simply referring to the many opportunities students, staff, faculty, and administrators have to see the world all around them while studying and working at USD. The University of San Diego has active Ministry offices dedicated for prayer and quiet reflection as well as to outdoor adventures providing the opportunity to commune with nature.

The library fulfills its contemplation role by providing a place of study and discovery while you explore the collections and the Copley and Camino library buildings. There are many more things to discover in the University Archives and the myriad online databases available to the campus community. We have over 290 resources on the topic of contemplation, simply search for Contemplation in our library catalogue or click here to see a list of books (print and electronic) on the subject.

USD Copley Library's Mother Hill Reading Room

USD Copley Library’s Mother Hill Reading Room

Remember to take the time so you may pray on your own or within a retreat or seek outdoor adventures to find the beauty in nature or  simply wish to read or explore a book about contemplation and the Catholic Church tradition.

USD Campus

USD campus – Immaculata visible

Beauty will attract them; goodness will lead them; but the truth will hold them.

– Mother Rosalie Clifton Hill


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Happy Open Access Week!

So what is open access anyway? Open access is free access to scholarly research that is available to anyone at any time anywhere. Most times, open access resources are freely available to be used, reused, redistributed, and modified so that these fit the needs of specific research. Open Access Week is in its 10th year. It began as Open Access Day in 2008 and because of the unabating push for open publishing, it evolved into Open Access Week. Open Access Week is an opportunity for organizations and institutions around the world to educate faculty, researchers, and students about the importance of publishing research and data openly to revamp current publication models and make it open to everyone.

OA Week 2018 Banner Website

This year’s Open Access Week’s theme is “Designing Equitable Foundations for Open Knowledge.” Although open access has been more prevalent in the last few years, there are still concerns and discussions around keeping the open access model sustainable and ensuring all voices and research are heard.

Are you interested in using open access resources for your research or have questions related to open access? Check out Copley Library’s Open Access subject guide and check out what other institutions and organizations are doing for Open Access Week 2018.

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October Birthday Roundup!

Literary Birthdays!

What better way to celebrate your literary heroes than with a birthday celebration?  Here are some early October birthdays for renowned authors. You can search the Copley catalog for each of these authors’ names to find work by and about them. You can also search the database, Credo Reference, for biographical and critical information. All the biographical information in this piece was provided by Credo Reference Topics Pages; these are a fantastic source for quick, lay-of-the-land, information about a topic, person, place, or phenomenon. All the images below are from ArtStor, a wonderful image database. In our search of authors’ names, we found photographs and paintings of the authors, including self-portraits of a few, and images of their books and manuscripts. When using ArtStor, be sure to create your free account so you can download images for use in your papers and presentations.

Gore Vidal (October 3, 1925) wrote a great deal of historical fiction and essays, and contributed to the screenplay for the 1959 film adaptation of Ben Hur.

Ann Lane Petry (October 12, 1908) became the first African-American woman to write a novel selling over a million copies, in 1946 with The Street.

e.e. cummings (October 14, 1894), an early 20th-century poet, whose first publication was a novelized account of time spent in a French prison during World War I.

Sylvia Plath (October 27, 1932), an American poet and novelist, passed away in 1963 after sharing with us her Colossus and The Bell Jar.

Join us this month in celebrating the work and lives of some of your favorite authors! If you need help looking into an author or authors, please get in touch with us through our Ask A Librarian page!

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After 9 Months at Copley Library We Checked-In with Millie Fullmer our Acquisitions and Cataloguing Librarian

Here at Copley Library we like to check-in with our new librarians after they’ve had a chance to do their job for a while.  Prof. Millicent Fullmer began at USD in January, 2018 and since then she’s been busy with her library duties. We are glad she took a few minutes to answer a few questions about her job and interests.


What are some of your primary responsibilities as the acquisitions and cataloging librarian?

Purchasing print media on behalf of subject librarians (including my own role as liaison to the Art and Art History Department), collection development work, and budget management. As the cataloger, I work with books that require original cataloging which involves describing an item into our library database using Library of Congress standards and controlled vocabularies. I also do “authority control” work, a process of updating changes to established subject headings eg. “Bible. O.T.” was updated to “Bible. Old Testament.”

Are you working on any special research topics?

Yes, I have focused my studies this year on advocating for visual literacy instruction in the academic library, looking at certain themes including cultural appropriation as a component of visual literacy. I am also co-chair of the Academic Colleges and Research Libraries Task Force on Visual Literacy Competency Standards for Higher Education.

Interesting, do you offer any workshops on visual literacy?

Yes! This October 18th at 12:30 pm I am teaching a workshop titled “Visual Communications: Producing Engaging and Dynamic Research.” You can sign up here.

Fun Question: What was the last book you read or could not finish?

I recently finished Ray Bradbury’s Fahrenheit 451, which is the stuff of nightmares for any librarian. A dystopian novel set in a future society where it is illegal to read or own books and fireman are tasked with burning all evidence of them.

Lastly, if you had to choose just one highlight for your almost first year at USD what would it be?

During Black History Month the library hosted a lively even titled “Black Women of NASA: A Talk by Duchess Harris, Ph.D. The guest speaker is the granddaughter of Miriam Mann, one of the “hidden computers” as depicted in the film Hidden Figures. And I must add any art related event on campus piques my interest.

Thank you for sharing! 

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Copley Library welcomes you to Fall 2018!


Welcome home all new and returning Toreros! Copley Library is here and ready to help you have a successful fall 2018 semester.

Copley Library has many resources and services to help with all your upcoming assignments. Our Online Catalog is a great place to start searching; it allows you to filter search results to find exactly what you need, be it a book or scholarly article. Many textbooks are also on reserve by individual professors or through the Associated Students Textbook Reserves. We also have access to hundreds of subject-specific databases for more targeted searching in your discipline. If the book or article you need isn’t in the Library’s collection, we can borrow it through Circuit or Interlibrary Loan.


 If you need help getting started on your first research paper or class project, stop by the Reference Desk and speak with one of our knowledgeable subject specialists. Our Reference Librarians are also available via chat, email, text, or a phone call. Check out Ask a Librarian for contact information or to find answers to frequently asked questions in our knowledge base. Many of our subject specialists have also crafted detailed Research Guides to help you along the way.

That’s not all! Each semester Copley Library offers lots of great workshops to help develop or hone your research skills, learn to use a specific library resource, and more! Visit the Workshop Calendar to learn more and reserve your spot today.

We look forward to supporting your academic success!

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