Finalizing Phase III & Entering Phase IV: More Framing, Signage, Selecting Fixtures & Furniture!

As the semester is gearing up for a second round of midterms and the upcoming Thanksgiving break we wanted to catch you up on the happenings regarding Copley Library’s renovation. Since you’re busy, it’s short and sweet!

Framing continues as well the last of the  mechanical and electrical and the work on the new restrooms. Furniture has been a focus as the renovation keeps moving along:  the Welcome Desk has been finalized, while the Reference Desk has been chosen. Different types of signage continue to be discussed. The Dean of the Library and her team among others continue to meet and will soon be finalizing the library’s new user furniture.


We had our first contest winner! Stay tuned for the next contest, it’ll be right before Finals.

Fall 2019 Social Media Contest Winner

Danielle showing off her prizes!

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Popular Haunted Places of San Diego and USD Campus

With the end of October just around the corner, the Halloween spirit has been making its way into San Diego. Haunted house attractions have been set up around town and many horror movies have been coming out in the theaters. Many of them include some of the most popular myths and urban legends from around the world but did you know that San Diego has its own urban legends that you can visit right now?

The Whaley House, located in Old Town San Diego, is said to be the most haunted house in the United States. Many reports say that the spirits of Thomas and Anna Whaley (the original owners of the property), “Yankee Jim” (a man said to be executed on the land where the house stands now), and several other ghosts that include several other women, children and animals have been seen there.  Please use the link below if you want to hear more about the history of this haunted house:

The famous Hotel Del Coronado is also said to be haunted by the ghost of Kate Morgan (AKA: The Beautiful Stranger) who was a woman that was found dead on the property in 1892. It is said that she haunts the room that she stayed in while there and even the beach near the hotel. The link below can explain further details about this ghost:

The University of San Diego even has its very own myths and urban legends. One of the most well-known stories is about the ghost of the Blue Nun. No one really knows who she is but many people have said that they have seen her spirit wandering around campus. If you would like to hear more USD urban legends, the USD New Center website wrote a short article about some of the most well-known ones about the campus and you can use the link below to check them out:


If you would like to read about more San Diego urban legends, check out the book, ”San Diego specters : ghosts, poltergeists, and phantasmagoric tales” by John Lamb, from our collection.

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Library Renovation Phase III: Floor Framing, Duct, Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing Work

This past few months, and presently, the library’s renovation crews continue to be extremely busy. Copley Library’s renovation project is moving on schedule. We can’t wait for the drywall to start going up next month on both floors of the library. Before that can happen, duct work must be finalized in order to move on to the mechanical, electrical, and plumbing work essential for what’s to come over the next six months: new floors, signage, furniture, digital screens, AV rooms, etc. On the lower level stacks in Camino Hall the renovation crew is in the middle of floor framing and will start with its electrical and mechanical upgrades at the end of the month. 

As the project keeps moving along, furniture, layout, and signage decisions will take on a greater role. All three of these items are essential toward creating the new Copley Library. The new furniture will be comfortable and modern, the new signage will be more prominent and useful, while the new layout will allow for easier flow between the user areas such as Reference Services zone and the Access Services Desk. 

The library’s vision of creating a more inviting and dynamic space for the university community will be achieved through a holistic interior design approach. The Research Zone, study rooms and open study spaces, and Access Services Desk will flow more organically due to the open concept layout chosen by the architects and built by the construction crew over the next few months.  

                  Enter to win!

In other news, look out for our first contest of the semester during the week of Halloween!  Check us out Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for more information about library hours, services, workshops, and contests.

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Keep the Light On

Banned Books Week

September 22-28, 2019 is Banned Books Week and Copley Library is commemorating the week with events, prizes, exhibits and more!

Banned Books Week is an annual event, sponsored by the American Library Association, that raises awareness about intellectual freedom and censorship, and celebrates the fact that the majority of the books that have been challenged remain available. As stated by the American Library Association, ensuring that books remain available “happens only thanks to the efforts of librarians, teachers, students, and community members who stand up and speak out for the freedom to read.”

A bit of history…

ALA Censorship Graphic

Banned Books Week began after the Island Trees School District v. Pico (1982) Supreme Court Case ruling that school officials cannot ban books simply because of content. Books, magazines, programs, and films continue to be challenged, however. According to the ALA, 531 materials were challenged in 2018 with the majority of challenges taking place in public libraries and school libraries. The majority of challenges were made by patrons and parents. Cited reasons for the challenges include that the works contain LGBTQIA+ stories, mental health content, those that include sexually explicit content, content that includes drug use, and content that includes racism. Challenged materials also include those written by certain authors. Challenges are often made in an effort to protect children from “inappropriate” content or “offensive” language. The ALA holds that  “Librarians and governing bodies should maintain that parents—and only parents—have the right and the responsibility to restrict the access of their children—and only their children—to library resources.” For more information on Banned Books Week and the American Library Association go to

What will be happening at Copley Library…

Throughout the week, an exhibit about Banned Books is up in Copley Library’s Mother Hill Reading Room. At the exhibit, and at events throughout the week, all members of the USD community are invited to participate in the annual Banned Books raffle. One student and one faculty/staff member will each receive a $125.00 gift card to the Torero store and a copy of their favorite banned book. Announcement of the raffle winner will take place on Friday morning.

On Tuesday, students spent lunchtime enjoying pizza and creating banned book covers. These book covers will be used for the annual “Blind Date with a Banned Book” event that takes place on Thursday September 26th from 3:30pm – 6pm. The USD community can choose a book from the selection of neatly wrapped banned books, check it out, and unwrap it to discover what’s inside.  Both events will take place on the Copley Library Patio and attendees can enter the raffle at both events.

To learn more about what is happening at Copley and to see some of Copley’s student assistants reading from banned books head to our Research Guide.

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September 11, 2019: Books and More

Where were you on September 11, 2001? Many of our readers were born in that year or were very young children when things changed so dramatically in our country. Eighteen years after thousands of people were injured or killed on that day, we search Copley Library’s catalog for resources to better understand what happened and what changed that day.

In Becoming the story: war correspondents since 9/11, author Lindsay Palmer presents five case studies to examine the role of war journalists since September 11, 2001, specifically their dual roles as presenters of journalistic news and subjects of that news.



Saher Selod’s Forever suspect: racialized surveillance of Muslim Americans in the War on Terror, is an analysis of the shift of Muslim identity among American citizens from a religious identity to a racial identity, and therefore the focus of racialized surveillance. Another study of the perceptions of Islam and Muslims in the United States may be found in Service in a time of suspicion: experiences of Muslims serving in the U.S. military post-9/11 by Michelle Sandhoff. Sandhoff presents the stories of fifteen Muslim service members in this study of stereotypes.

Falling after 911

In Falling after 9/11: crisis in American art and literature, author Aimee L. Pozorski analyzes five texts or genres after September 11, 2001, with regard to the idea of falling, and specifically referencing the idea of falling from the World Trade Center towers. She examines the trauma of that day and its echoes in art and literature afterward. In another take on literature after September 11, Women’s fiction and post-9/11 contexts presents the realities of female authors in the 21st century in a series of essays. Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo and Carmen R. Lugo-Lugo analyze the portrayal of race, sexuality and sexual identity, and citizenship in film in Projecting 9/11: race, gender, and citizenship in recent Hollywood films.

The aftermath of September 11, 2001 may be analyzed from any number of angles, areas of scholarship, and interdisciplinary studies. You can search the Copley Library catalog simply for September 11 to find the titles above, along with hundreds of others. Adding terms like Influence, History, and Sources, will retrieve more specialized sets of results.

Remember to follow the “Request” button to retrieve a book from offsite storage during our renovation, and for ebooks to follow the link to “Connect to full text.” 

As the semester is now under way, we will start having contests starting next month. Stay tuned and be sure to visit us at the Copley Library  website, on Twitter , Facebook , and Instagram!


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Copley Library Welcomes You to Fall 2019 Amid Renovation

Welcome home all new and returning Toreros! 

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, Copley Library will be undergoing a major renovation throughout the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Although we will be operating out of a smaller space for the duration of the renovation, we will be offering the same great services and resources as always to support your academic success. Check out our handy Renovation Guide to help you navigate the changes. Key points to remember are: 

  • The Mother Hill Reading Room may be noisy during construction hours. We apologize for any disruption and inconvenience this may cause. We have compiled a list of additional study spaces across campus for your convenience.


  • Our books have temporarily moved to an offsite storage facility. They may be requested through our Catalog by clicking “Request it!” in the item record. Turnaround time for requests will be 24-48 hours, similar to Circuit. 

blog request it

  • The Reference Desk has relocated to the Mother Hill Reading Room. Click here to see Reference Desk hours and check out this complete guide to getting help with all your research needs. 


  • The University has changed from Pharos printing to Wēpa. Unlike Pharos, Wēpa accepts both credit/debit cards and PayPal in addition to Campus Cash. You can also link your Wēpa account to your preferred cloud storage.  You may also choose to link a different ID card than your Torero Card to your Wēpa account at any time. Detailed instructions can be found here. Copley has two Wēpa print stations in the North Group Study Room and we have created a map of convenient additional print stations (below). 


  • Copley will continue to offer workshops, such as “APA the Easy Way” and “Preventing Plagiarism,” throughout the 2019/2020 Academic Year. Click here to see the complete Fall 2019 schedule. The “News, Spin, and Fake News” workshop on Tuesday, October 9th is approved for Passport, Connect, and Compass points! Registration is required. 

We appreciate your patience throughout the renovation. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at 619-260-4799 or

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Library Renovation 2019 Phase II: Demolition

It has been a very eventful Summer for Copley Library!

Demolition Phase 2 is happening now, the first-floor demo is complete and the second floor is underway. Next, the elevator will be modernized, and then construction can begin. Not to worry, our books are safe and sound at an off-site facility, and they are still 100% accessible to USD patrons, all you need to do is put in a request on the library website. Check out the demolition progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We assure you once again that the library is NOT CLOSED during renovation, we are just using a smaller portion of the building, and the entrance has moved. We are still open regular hours and we welcome you as always. Please follow the signs to the temporary entrance located just inside the front (south) entrance to Camino Hall.

We encourage you to have a look at our Libguide dedicated to providing information about collections and services during the renovation, such as alternate study spaces, printing options, reference help, and course reserves.

If you want to learn more about the library renovation, have a look at the facilities information page where you can view the project details, floor plans, and artists renderings. If you would like to “zoom-out” a little, check out the Campus Master Plan. Exciting things are happening every day.


We will be posting a more detailed “back to school” blog post in a few weeks, so keep an eye out for that.

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