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Winning Athletes + Library Instruction = Student Success!

Winning athletes are among the amazing students in Assistant Professor Lisa Burgert’s Library 101 Research Methods class.  The class has five USD football players who are recent winners of the 2014 Pioneer Football League championship with their November 15th win over Valparaiso at Torero Stadium.  Congratulations Team!IMG_0884

Four of their classmates just launched their 2014-15 men’s basketball season last Friday and will be performing in their home opener tomorrow, Nov. 19th at 7pm.  We wish them much success this season!

What goal do winning athletes and library instruction have in common?  Student success!  The class provides the athletes with an opportunity to build and refine their research skills so that they can use their study and class time more effectively and efficiently during their hectic sports schedules.  This semester’s class used Raj Patel’s Stuffed and Starved (part of the USD Just Reads! program) as their foundational text to learn how to approach scholarly research while looking critically at resources about the food industry.  After hearing Patel speak in person about problems with world food distribution, the students attended a film screening of Fed Up to understand the food industry’s role in American obesity.  They are now working on their final project based on their individual area of research interests related to the food industry.  The project will demonstrate, among other skills, their ability to critically search multiple types of information resources and develop an annotated bibliography.

Do you have to be an athlete to take the course?  Nope!  Any student can take it!  The Library 101 Research Methods class is also offered in Spring Semester 2015.  Why not fit it into your hectic schedule and discover new methods to help you in all of your coursework?



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Social Media Roll Call

Do you know all the ways Copley Library has to get you the latest news, events, and information? Learn about all the interesting things you can find here. Let’s recap!

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We’ll see you on the Web!stay connected usd

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